It's About Time

by Karl Hepler

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released April 29, 2014

About "Sincerely, Ivan":

Such great lyrics. It is obvious that you connected with Ivan's plight. A rare and valuable gift. Your song its difficult lyrically as it challenges us to see the man and not the deed. I do appreciate you creating that and putting into the world.

With regard,



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Karl Hepler Georgia

A consummate performer and stellar multi-instrumentalist, Karl’s singular presence on stage is surprisingly engaging and always entertaining. He is truly a class act who breaks every expectation of a typical solo acoustic singer-songwriter. Between original works and his own take on existing songs, his style blurs genres, ultimately focused on the traditional mountain music of Appalachia. ... more

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Track Name: When I Met My Baby
When I met my baby
when I met my baby
I saw her in the spring time
lookin’ up at me

I thought I’d buy her flowers
yeah I thought I’d buy her flowers
But I didn’t have a penny
so I picked them by my feet
When I brought her to the city
I bought her something pretty
her eyes were open wide
just a sittin’ on my knee

Then I brought her to the country
where the air is sweet
to a field of flowers
where she picked one out for me
Sure enough the wind blows
sure enough the sun shone
my little baby girl grew up
right in front of me

I gave her to another
and she became a mother
now she rears three and
I’m proud as I can be
When I’m in my winter
she’ll take care of me
I love my little girl
and I know that she loves me

And if I go tomorrow
there ain’t a tear to cry
because I’ll be looking down
at the apple of my eye
Track Name: I Think I'll Plant a Garden
I think I’ll plant a garden
then I’ll watch it grow
I’ll be longing for the day to reap the seeds that I sew

No, it ain’t easy
but I hope to grow a tree
working every day to keep the weeds from running free

I could head up the mountain
to the water well
but I’d be thinkin’ ‘bout Jack and the way that he fell

So I'll dig up the soil
'round the willow tree
and try to learn about how it came to be

I dream of plenty…..
my garden grows…….
towards the sun
and I’ll pull up all the weeds
until I’m done

It might rain tomorrow
that’s just fine
the crop won’t grow if it's all sunshine

and if a drought comes early
don't bother me
I’ll just work a little harder and I’ll be happy

So I planted my garden
and it grew and grew
it’s about as tall as me, but not as tall as you

No, it ain’t done yet
it’ll grow taller still
yielding the harvest to give me my fill
Track Name: Sincerely, Ivan
Sincerely, Ivan

Another petty theft
but she came home and I was trapped
Bound and tied, for me she cried
I left, got high, and then came back

She said sir you’ve been so nice
Last time you came I felt no fear
but I won’t give you what you want
so strike me dead or leave me here

Between the air of breath
one steely blow and she was down
I took it all, what I craved
then woke to find that I had drowned

Not for want of money
not ‘cause she saw me
not control nor power
I was high and I couldn’t see

I don’t know why I did it
I had no motives pure
Now I’ll be rotting out my days
for what I did to her

Forsaken by my mother
Alone since I was two
She beat me daily yelling
I’m glad I got rid of you

At eleven in the summer
my mother took us out
she planned our ending in the water
I watched my sister drown

I grew up with God’s forgiveness
A glowing light through all the pain
but the light of red got in my head
and the drugs took control of me

I seek no ease nor comfort
I pray for hell in rest
Yes sir, I killed your daughter
no reason I can attest

I know that God forgave me
and I know that you have too
but I’d rather die than forgive myself
for what I put you through

For ten years we’ve been writing
and every day I’ve cried
She lived to make the world better
You said we should try

So I’m writing you this letter
I don’t know what else to say
I’m the man who took your daughter's life
and you love me anyway